5 Things To Avoid When In Europe

things not to do in Europe

When you plan for a holiday, you just pack your belongings, get your visa & passport, and head towards the destination. But, have you ever thought of being aware of the things that you should not do in an alien country. Take for instance, you are travelling to Europe and got involved in something that you have no idea about. This will definitely create trouble for you. So to avoid such situations, you should always read about the things not to do before travelling to a particular destination.

You might know about what to do in Europe but do you know about what not to do in Europe? Read the following points that you should keep in mind while visiting Europe:

1. Littering is Not an Option!

Spreading litter here and there is not an option in Europe. Many countries in Europe have adopted a bottle recycling system. Germany has a unique Pfand system wherein a certain charge is levied when you buy plastic bottles, soda cans, glass bottles, etc., which can be easily returned to any other shop.

2. Avoid Jaywalking

Crossing the streets with the green lights on for the traffic is a big no. You cannot cross the road when the traffic signal lights haven’t turned red for the vehicles even if there are no cars on the road. If in case you are caught jaywalking, you can be fined.

3. Avoid Drinking in Public Places

Do not think that drinking in public is legal in all countries in Europe. In some parts of Europe, it is completely illegal and you can be heavily fined if you get caught drinking in public.

4. Avoid Taking a Cab

Yes! It sounds weird but you should make use of public transport rather than taking a cab/ taxi wherever possible. The taxi rates are pretty much high so avoiding it is a good option.

5. Over Tipping

Do not tip a bigger amount than required. It is customary to leave at least 15 to 20% of the bill as a tip amount. You can ask the locals about the right amount to leave as a tip in a restaurant. Sometimes, a tip is already added in the check.

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