6 Ways To Manage Yourself From Home Efficiently During COVID-19?

21 days of lockdown and you are already bored? You might feel unproductive but don’t get discouraged by the present scenario rather utilize it for your own good.

You can’t deny this thing that you have always thought of extended weekends whenever Monday is approaching. So, now you have a really long weekend to utilize.

Many a time, you have wished for working from home in your pajamas, so here is the chance. Also, many of you made a fuss about not able to spend more time with family due to your work life. Then, do not waste this time.

Take this lockdown as the best opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. And, make yourself more productive for work as well. If you are finding difficulty in managing yourself from home in an efficient manner, then read on.

1. Stick To The Routine: It is quite difficult but sticking to the routine is the best thing that helps you in remaining productive and confident. Try to wake up at the same time you usually wake up in the weekdays. It would be a lot better if you dress yourself formally but even if you don’t want to then at least work in a dedicated work space. In this way, your chances of distraction minimize.

 Stick To The Routine

2. Stay Connected: Yes! We are quarantined but we can still stay connected because we all have smart phones with us. You can connect with your friends, colleagues, and relatives by video calling. You should open up about how you are feeling in this time of quarantine. Share views with each other. In this way, you will get time for your friends and relatives too.

Stay Connected

3. Do What You Enjoy: This is the perfect time when you can do whatever you enjoy the most. You can give your hobbies another chance as they might have been left out due to your busy work schedule. You can read books, solve puzzles, cook food, watch movies or TV shows or any other thing that you enjoy. The idea is to rekindle your spirit of hobbies.


4. Set Up A Worry Window: It’s perfectly ok to write down your worries. It helps in coping up with the worries you might be having in the present scenario. This activity will act like a stress buster for you. Do try it out.


5. Engage In Well-Being Practices: While being at home, you should get involved in yoga, detox, and other exercises to relax your mind, body, and soul while strengthening your immune system and improving strength. Also, meditation helps you de-stress and relax.


6. Be Happy & Stress-Free: Enjoy listening to music as it also helps in relaxing your mind. Indulge in fun and laughing activities with your family to keep yourself cheerful and relaxed. You can also play some old yet evergreen board games like Ludo, chess, snakes & ladders, and others.

listening music

These are some of the best ways by which you can manage yourself while being at home. Do try them. Stay home and stay safe!

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