7 Most Unspoiled Places In Europe You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

When you think about a trip to Europe, the only places that come on your mind are Paris, Italy or Switzerland. But there is more to Europe than you think! Yes, and you will be amazed at the beauty of some places which are still underrated as holiday destinations. Here are 7 most undervalued cities in Europe that will never fail to surprise you.

1. Picturesque Helsinki in Finland: Helsinki, the capital town of Finland is simply divine when it comes to natural beauty. The daughter of the Baltic, although less known as a preferred travel destination, has several attractive locations to stop by. Whether it is the beautiful Esplanade Park or the exciting Helsinki Zoo, you can have complete fun during your holidays in Helsinki. Planning your trips has now become easier with the best Europe tour packages available at the top travel agencies.

2. Classy Gothenburg in Sweden: You can call it the twin city of Stockholm but the only difference is that Gothenburg is less expensive. If you want to explore the best of Sweden’s architecture, museums and sophisticated cultures, then Gothenburg is another place in Sweden after Stockholm. Being home to Michelin star restaurants and classy bars, Gothenburg can be an amazing holiday destination for you. So, if you can’t decide where to spend your vacation, close your eyes and select Gothenburg.

3. Majestic Granada in Spain: Located at the southern region of Spain, Granada is a beautifully organized city which must be visited once in your lifetime. The beautiful medieval architecture that dates back to the Moorish era is the main attraction of this city, especially Alhambra, the Moorish palace and fortress. The crystal clear pools and the quiet patios belonging to the Nasrid Dynasty are something which can simply blow your mind in Granada.

4. Stylish Budapest in Hungary: The beautifully designed city of Budapest is gaining more popularity with the romantic ambiance and the famous springs and boreholes.Thewide variety of baths includes Turkish pool with Ottoman designs as well as the lavish 1913 neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa and Rudas thermal bath. Apart from thehealing baths, you can also try out the typical Hungarian cuisine and feed your brain with the complex history of the country.

5. Old-fashioned Ferrara in Italy: Fortified with large ancient walls, Ferrara is home to some royal palaces that date back to 14th and 15th centuries. Surrounded by broad streets and archaic cathedrals, Ferrara has an old-world charm which is worth a visit. This city is also well- known for being the birthplace of many well- known writers, artists and musicians.

6. Sea Town Biarritz in France: For those who want to explore the best sea sides in Europe, Biarritz is the ideal place for them. If you are fond of surfing, then visiting Biarritz can simply offer you an amazing experience. You can find boutiques that sell local brands and amazing dining places are also there to enjoy. Located in French Basque country, Biarritz is just a few minutes away from the border of Spain.

7. Serene Innsbruck in Austria: Whether you want to take a ride on the funicular or visit the breathtaking Imperial Palace, the capital of Tyrol in Austria is a just a perfect destination for you. Surrounded with mountains, this place should be on your bucket list if you are a travel buff.

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