A Perfect Guide To Explore Vietnam

Vietnam is a place that is widely known for beautiful Buddhist pagodas, stunning bays, karst topography, and lively nightlife. This is one of the popular destinations that every travel enthusiast loves to visit as it offers a wide range of things to do and amazing things to see. Some of the best suggestions for you to explore in the country are mentioned below.

Places to Visit in Vietnam:

1. Hoi An is an ancient city that is considered as one of the favourite tourist attractions in Vietnam. This place is filled with amazing restaurants, shopping places, and historic sites. Being a photogenic location, Hoi An is a place that every traveller wants to visit. A traveller can explore the amazing beaches and rice fields here.

Places to Visit in Vietnam

2. One of the most recognizable sites of Vietnam is Halong Bay. It is known for its towering limestone mountains spread in the emerald waters of the bay. You can cruise the bay by hopping two or three-day cruises that let you explore the Halong Bay in a more precise manner offering you a memorable experience of the lifetime.

Halong Bay

3. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam that is known for its rich culture and centuries-old architecture. You can explore the Old Quarter of this place to experience the true delight of the city. The well-preserved colonial buildings, museums, and ancient pagodas are also known as the major highlights of Hanoi.


4. Phong Nha Caves are one of the major attractions of Vietnam lies in the central part of it. These caves are not small and boring rather the biggest one in the entire world. There is only one Tour Company that gives you an opportunity of a day excursion to explore this Unesco World Heritage site. One can indulge in the thrilling activities here such as rural mountain biking, forest trekking, and more.

Phong Nha Caves

5. Another amazing spot in Vietnam is the Mekong Delta. Widely known as the ‘Rice Bowl’, Mekong has diverse rivers and tributaries that form a huge network of canals, which further links rice farms and towns. This beauty can be best explored by a boat.

Mekong Delta

These are some of the amazing attractions of Vietnam that you should not miss during your visit.

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