A Quick Guide on Egypt

Egypt is a country that has always fascinated archaeologists and historians. The monuments, objects, and artifacts found here helped us to know about the history and people of Egypt. The land which once belonged to pharaohs has a lot of hidden treasures to be explored. The country is pure bliss for the history buffs and leisure travelers.


Things To See

Egypt is filled with mesmerizing things to see which includes the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Egyptian museum, the Tutankamon tomb, Abu Simbel temples, the Kings and the Queens Valley, Luxor Temple, Karnak temple, Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, An-Nasir Mohammed mosque, Hussein Square, and many more. History buffs can enjoy exploring tombs, pyramids, Pharaonic temples, and other historical places only in Egypt. Also, cross the Nasser Lake to see Ramses II’s masterpiece at Abu Simbel or enjoy trekking into the desert to discover the traces of Roman trading outposts.

Cruise Through Nile

To enjoy a trip to the heart of Egypt, take the Nile river cruise that lets you see the amazing ruins of ancient Egypt lying between Luxor and Aswan. Cruising is the most interesting way to explore mighty Egypt. You will get the chance to visit the most fascinating attractions such as Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Philae Temple, and more. While sailing on Lake Nasser Cruise, you can see the monuments and ruins of Ancient Nubia. Also, you can spend your evening next to the temples at Abu Simbel.

What and Where to Shop?

Travelling to a different country and do not shop? This is not an option. Shopaholics can buy a lot of unique things from the best markets in Egypt.

  • To buy unique souvenirs like little bottles of colored sand having camel images, souvenirs having your name printed in hieroglyphics, novelty T-shirts, and much more then Khan Al Khalili is the best option for you.
  • To get attractive handmade copies of Fatimid as well as Mamluke lamps, visit the Souk al Fustat. You will also get paintings, colorful metal cups, ceramic products, and much more.
  • Spices of Egypt are very famous and the best place to buy them is Aswan Souk. You can get the best quality and unique spices in this beautiful outdoor market.
  • One of the best places to shop for souvenirs, spices, oils, juices, fruits, dates, and much more items in the Old Market. The market also has many restaurants and shisha lounges.
  • Book lovers can buy their favorite books and also can get their name engraved with gold gilding only in Han El Halili.

Similar to these, there are various other interesting markets in Egypt including Suuq El Ataba, Luxor Bazaar, Tent Market, Sharia El Souk, Lotus Bazaar, and many more from where the tourists can enjoy shopping.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to explore Egypt is from October to April. At this time, the temperature remains pleasing and preferable to visit all the places. The peak tourist season is winter, especially December and January, when tourists visit the iconic sights such as the Temples of Luxor, Pyramids of Giza, and Abu Simbel. However, the prices of everything increase in the peak season. Here is a glimpse of the temperature of each season in Egypt.

  • During the spring season, Egypt experiences a moderate temperature and thus, attracts many tourists.
  • During the summer season, Egypt experiences high temperature but it is a great time to enjoy at the Red Sea resorts.
  • During fall, Egypt experiences a cool temperature and it is considered as a good time to visit beaches.
  • During the winter season, Egypt experiences the nicest weather with occasional rainfall making it a peak tourist season.

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