Andaman Island – Places You Should Not Miss!

Sunny Skies, blue sea, and white sands – Andaman is just a perfect place to spend your holidays. Enjoy your days in the lap of nature and experience the warmth of the hospitality of that place. Coral reefs and marine life make this place entirely different. Also, it gives everyone a visual treat as it shows various a glimpses of those birds that are rarely visible. Don’t wait for anything. Just pack your backpack and get ready to fill a page of your life with adventures in Andaman. Believe me, folks, this place has many surprises for you just you need to turn the page and experience it all. Scroll down to know which are the best places that you can visit at this precious Island.

Radhanagar Beach – The most famous beach of Andaman!

Ranking at the 7th position in the list of world’s beautiful beaches, Radhanagar Beach is one of the famous attractions in Andaman. Just go about 500 meters and explore the blue sea with abundant greenery that will soothe your eyes. Not only for sea lovers, but this place offers an excellent package for those who love adventures. Activities like snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, etc., will satisfy your adrenaline rush. The clear water of this beach will rejuvenate you and fill your holiday with peace. If you are in search of some peaceful destination for your next holiday, you must visit Andaman without any hesitation.

Cellular Jail – One of the most amazing attractions of Andaman!

The dark past of India, Cellular Jail, brings to you how people have suffered during colonialism and how our freedom fighters had experience hardship during that era. At that time, Andaman was difficult to reach and thus, this Jail is often referred to as Kaala Paani because people can’t escape easily from this jail no matter how hard they try. During your visit, you will be able to feel the mishaps happened during the British rule and can feel the cries of Indian freedom fighters who gave their lives for the country. The Light and Sound show attracts many tourists from the whole world. The puce-coloured bricks that were brought from Burma are unique and tell us many stories of that era.

Havelock Island – One of the significant beaches!

Havelock Island is popular because of its eco-friendly local people and this place is not overcrowded like other beaches of Andaman. Explore the beauty of this Island by going for a boat ride in the turquoise-coloured water in a long array of private boats. If you are visiting during monsoon season, then you can see wild elephant taking a lazy stroll in the white sands of this beach. It’s a suggestion to keep this place on the list. This spot is a shout out to all nature lovers. You can see nature at its best and witness the baby tortoise & their nests. Crocodile sanctuary is another place to visit. This place has the most number of caves within itself.

Want to see some mud volcanoes? Visit Shyamnagar which is famous for its mud Volcanoes.

Adventurous people can also enjoy this place. Many activities are there which will utilize your time in a perfect way. Located near the Pheonix Jetty of Port Blair, this Island is famous for its underwater corals, is another famous destination of Andaman. Multiple activities are present for this overcrowded place. Main water activities that you can experience in Andaman are present in this place.

Want to see the World of Fish? Go for a glass bottom boat ride.

Explore many rare species of marine life which u haven’t seen ever in your life by hopping on a glass bottom boat and take a ride to explore the world of water closely. Interesting! Isn’t it? Spend your holidays in Andaman with Zenith Holidays.

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