Best Time to Visit Andaman Nicobar


The Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is whenever you’d like because they get consistent, mild weather for the most part of the year. But, you should avoid traveling during the monsoon season because many areas experience intense rainfall and the seas can become choppy and unpredictable. 

Although humid, the summer and winter months bring great weather and clear, sunny days. Now is a great time to take advantage of the Andaman Islands’ well-known activities, like water sports, beach lounging, and sightseeing. The Best Time to Visit Andaman Nicobar Islands are both of these seasons.

Month High/LowPrecipitation
June29° / 23°62%
July29° / 23°64%
August29° / 23°63%
September29° / 23°66%
October30° / 23°56%
November30° / 23°49%
December29° / 23°30%
January29° / 22°7%
February30° / 22°7%
March31° / 22°4%
April32° / 24°25%
May31° / 24°56%

Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar in Summer (April – July)

Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands see summertime temperatures ranging from roughly 24°C at the lowest to about 37°C at the highest. The best times to see the attractions are in the mornings and early evenings; the afternoons, when it can get very hot, are best spent inside. This is the best time to go if you enjoy water sports because the waves are calm and the water is mild. Unsurprisingly, the renowned Andaman Beach Festival is held annually in April over three magnificent and exhilarating days.

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Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar in Monsoons (July – September)

Andaman Nicobar in Monsoons

Although monsoons typically deliver moderate rainfall, there is a chance of torrential downpours during the peak season. Because of the unpredictable water waves during this season, Andaman Tourism is not at its finest. As a result, going to the beach or engaging in water activities is not advised. The temperature varies from 22°C to 36°C, and the humidity reaches its maximum point. Water sports may not be an option in the event of severe rainfall and erratic seas, even if people do visit the islands during the season, particularly in July and August. On the other hand, the islands draw large crowds each year for their yearly festivals, which include the Food Festival in September, the Monsoon Festival in August, and the Music Festivals.

Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar in Winter (October – March)

Andaman Nicobar in Winter

The islands have relatively warm winters, with highs of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the beautiful weather throughout the day, many travellers believe that this is the ideal time of year to visit Andaman & Nicobar. This is the best time of year for all beach activities and water sports, including swimming, sailing, diving, and sunbathing. The November film festival and the 15-day Island Tourism Festival in January are two excellent reasons why winter is the ideal season to visit the Andaman Islands.

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FAQs On Best Time to Visit Andaman Nicobar

Where are the Andaman and Nicobar located?

The 572 islands that make up the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal. The distance in a southeast direction from the Indian subcontinent is about 1600 km.

What is the Andaman Islands’ culture? Exist any limitations based on religion on the islands?
The laws in the Andaman Islands are extremely permissive. Just a few basic manners, like dressing appropriately and getting consent before snapping photos, should be remembered. Having said that, one shouldn’t expect comfort comparable to that of the Indian mainland because the Andaman Islands are a protected area.

Which festivals are the most widely observed in the Andaman Islands?
Since Bengalis make up the majority of Andaman’s population, Durga Pooja is the most widely observed holiday. But since the Andaman Islands have historically been home to people of different faiths, celebrations of holidays like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and New Year’s are also observed.

Which cuisines are offered in the Andaman Islands?
In addition to seafood, the Andaman Islands provide a wide range of North and South Indian cuisine. The wide range of options reflects the diversity of the Islanders’ population.

Is it easy to find vegetarian meals in the Andaman Islands?
Vegetarian food is widely accessible on well-known Andaman tourist islands. Annapurna Cafeteria is a well-known vegetarian restaurant located in Aberdeen Bazar, Port Blair.

What is the duration required to get to Andamans?
Flights from Delhi take approximately five hours, and those from Kolkata or Chennai take two hours. Reaching the Andamans requires up to 50 hours for ships.

How can one reach Port Blair?
Port Blair can be reached by ship or Airplane. Nonetheless, flying is a quicker and more convenient way to go to Port Blair. From Chennai, Kolkata, or Delhi, one can take a plane to Port Blair. Whereas flights from Delhi pass via Chennai or Kolkata, flights from Chennai and Kolkata are direct routes.

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