Celebrate Holi 2020 In Mathura And Vrindavan

The festival of colors – Holi is celebrated across India with full fever. But, if you want to taste the real flavor of traditional Holi then you must experience the Holi of Braj, Mathura, and Vrindavan. Years of history and mythological legends are attached to these places. And thus, people celebrate the craziest Holi in these places. Want to be a part of this festival here? Keep on reading to know more about the uniqueness of Holi celebrations in these amazing places.

Celebrate Holi in the Village of Krishna!

As we all know, Lord Krishna was born on the ghats of Mathura which is why the Holi of Mathura is so hyped. The festival is celebrated in the wildest in Mathura with sticks, shields, colors, and canons of water. Holi celebrations get started a week before in Brij and if you are planning to celebrate Holi in these places, then you should plan accordingly. Let’s start with the dates of the Holi celebration in all these places.

As per the tradition, just like Krishna and his friends used to visit Barsana, Radha’s village, from Nandgaon to play Holi with her and her friends, all the males go to Barsana every year to play with the females of the village. Then the most amazing lathmar Holi is celebrated in Rangeeli Gali where the women beat men and the later protect themselves with a leather shield.

Where To Go?

A week before Holi, start your visit with landing up in Barsana and spend a day there and enjoy the Lathmar Holi in which the men from Nandgaon comes to play Holi with the womenfolk of Barsana. Women too reciprocate and playfully beat the men in the traditional Lathmar Holi celebrations. The next day, visit Nandgaon along with the men of Barsana to play with their womenfolk and celebrate the Lathmar Holi. Then, visit Vrindavan where the famous Holi is celebrated in the most colorful manner. Also, the most amazing Phulon ki Holi is played in the temple premises of Shri Bankey Bihari Temple. Priests shower blessed Holy Water on the revelers. And, then visit Mathura that too plays a very colorful and exciting Holi.

When: Holi In Mathura & Vrindavan will be celebrated on 9th and 10th March (Monday to Tuesday)

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