Did You Know Travel Just Got Cheaper in Switzerland?

The Breathtaking Valleys, Snow Clad Peaks, Picturesque Mountains… To see and feel the Magic of Switzerland we need to take the trip to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ instead of admiring the beauty on internet.

And Now that you have decided to go… Just a disclaimer- Visiting Switzerland is expensive but you can debunk the myth by buying a Swiss Travel Pass!

To make your trip more convenient, buy a Swiss Travel Pass. Don’t know what it is about? Keep on reading to know the details.

Travel in Switzerland with a Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Travel Pass is a popular rail pass for Switzerland that allows you unlimited access to the network of Swiss Travel System. With this pass in your pocket, you will be able to travel conveniently across the entire country. This pass does not only allow train access rather you can board buses, boats, and any other city transport without paying any fare. This pass is only meant for the non-residents of Switzerland or Liechtenstein. And, if you want to sell the pass then you can only sell it to a non-resident.

What Will You Get With This Pass?

Apart from unlimited traveling across the country, you will get the following advantages by using this pass:

  • There is no requirement of buying tickets for trains, buses, and boats; just board and ride.
  • You will get discounts on trips to mountain tops and free entrance to museums.
  • Children travelling along can travel for free.
  • Get a 50% discount on cable cars, cogwheel trains, and funiculars.
  • Get free entry to museums.
  • The pass is available for 1st or 2nd class traveling.
  • You will be able to save money as point-to-point tickets are much more expensive.

The Validity of the Pass

The validity of the pass depends on the number of days for which you have purchased it. The validation time is not relevant at all. For instance, if a pass is of 8 days then a traveler can use it for a complete 8 days and the validity ends on the following day of the last day. The travel days of Swiss travel pass are consecutive and thus, if you do not travel on any of the days it will be still counted as a travel day.

Seat Reservation

You do not have to reserve a seat for almost 99% of the trains and buses. You can board using your Swiss travel pass anytime. But, there are certain exceptions to the pass like some international and panoramic trains (Glacier Express and Bernina Express).

Types of Trips

There are two types of trips for which you can use the pass:

  • The first one allows free travelling where you do not need to buy a ticket.
  • Second is the one that allows discounted travelling, especially into the mountains. In this case, you need to arrange a discounted ticket.

You can also board a few cable cars that allow free travelling.

Similar to the Swiss Travel Pass, there is a Swiss Travel Pass Youth available at a discounted price for people up to 25 years.

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