Discover 10 Unbelievable Jaw-Dropping Hotels Around the Globe!

As time goes on, the world changes and everything in it also advances in a distinctive way toward progress. 

Trends in the hotel sector are ever-evolving and changing as a result of the continuous innovation of new, mind-blowingly original ideas. 

Can you believe that some of the world’s most distinctive hotels offer you the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to their hospitality and unique designs? 

Allow us to present to you some of the world’s most antique hotels that will leave you speechless.

1. Jail Cell Hostel, Ottawa

Jail Cell Hostel

The rooms of this hostel in Ottawa, Canada, are designed to resemble prisons and are housed in a renovated jailhouse. It’s up to you whether you want to have a single cell or a cell with another prisoner. There’s also an entirely free jail tour available. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend the night in jail and receive first-rate treatment, much like a well-known celebrity, and all without having committed any crimes? 

2. Finn Lough Bubble, Ireland

Finn Lough Bubble

Explore Northern Island’s bubble domes by stepping outside of your luxurious, five-star bubble. 

A translucent bubble that gives you a 180-degree view of the surroundings will house you. Your stay is well worth the money because of the magnificent skies at night. 

Furthermore, you can lie in your chamber and stare at the stars with this Bubble Dome.

3. Cockpit Cottage, Costa Rica

Cockpit Cottage

You’ve probably fallen asleep on a plane many times; most of the time, you just nod off as soon as the aircraft takes off. However, did you know that you may fall asleep in your own bed on an airplane without experiencing any turbulence? 

There is a hotel in Costa Rica that greets guests for their unforgettable stay and has an interior that is shaped like an airplane, complete with a bed and all the contemporary amenities you could want. 

Teak wood is used throughout, which enhances the atmosphere of the space. The fact that your accommodation will overlook the ocean is the nicest feature.

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4. Cube House, Rotterdam

Cube House

An architect was once tasked with designing a house that would span a pedestrian bridge. It could hardly get better when the architect created dwellings in the shape of cubes, refusing to let his clients down. 

When you’re next in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, you should spend a day or two staying in these peculiar cubes to experience one of the world’s most distinctive hotels. 

You will be endlessly intrigued by the intriguing designs of each cube, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and angles. 

5. Kakslauttanen Igloo, Finland

Kakslauttanen Igloo

If you could spend a day in an igloo and live like a penguin, wouldn’t it be amazing? 

If that thought excites you, then prepare your belongings and head to Finland. It’s the ideal location for northern light viewing. Here, the glass igloos are very popular since, depending on the season, you can see the northern lights also. 

6. Manta Resort, Tanzania

Manta Resort

Is it feasible for you to live underwater? 

You do not think so? Because after the oxygen runs out, how are you going to breathe? 

It may surprise you to learn that The Manta Resort in Tanzania offers accommodations in an underwater room. 

In addition, there is a lodging on a floating island that is above the ocean. The fish now approach you through your room window, so you don’t even need to snorkel to see them. 

7. Underwater Suite, Maldives

Underwater Suite

You should go to the underwater hotel in the Maldives to experience the pinnacle of luxury beneath the sea. The suite has a butler’s theory, a chef, and first-rate amenities. You can see fish swimming over the room’s roof, giving you the impression that you are in your own private aquarium. 

It sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

8. Double Decker Bus, UK

Double Decker Bus

The Devon-based Bertram Hotel, which has an exquisite interior and a flawless 1950s design, is another addition to the list. The minute details will make you think you’ve travelled back in time. 

It boasts all the contemporary conveniences, even a hot tub, even though it is housed inside a double-decker bus. 

9. The Train Car Hotel, Indianapolis

Train Car Hotel

For those who love history, the Train Car Hotel is a haven for rail sleeve sleepers. What makes your stay at this hotel special is the hint of 1920s flair. 

You can feel and hear the trains moving through the hotel because there are real tracks next to it. 

10. Ice Hotel, Sweden

If you are a winter enthusiast who can’t get enough of the season because everything freezes, you should stay a few days at Sweden’s Ice Hotel.

This location is ideal for those who possess exceptional strength and can withstand the harsh winters. The difficulty lies in the fact that you must stay in a hotel with ice constructions, and the room will completely freeze you.

The bed has sleeping bags and reindeer hair to keep you warm even though the lodgings are icy and frigid.

A lovely cup of hot fruit tea will be served to you by the staff if you manage to survive the night. 

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