Escape From Pollution and Take A Breath Of Fresh Air By Taking A Trip To Any Of These Destinations

As the pollution of our city is increasing at a fast pace and the smog has made it difficult to breathe, you can plan going out of the country to spend some days in a healthy environment. As per the calculation of the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), we have sorted below destinations for you which offer a healthy and clean environment with a breath of fresh air.

1.            Finland  

Finland is one of the cleanest cities with a score of 90.68 EPI. The air quality of this country is excellent and this is the reason why people want to stay here. The country makes use of only environment-friendly energy resources and thus, there is less pollution. There are numerous things to do and places to visit in Finland including the breathtaking natural landscapes and lofty forests.

2.            Spain

Known as one of the most breathtaking countries in the world, Spain is considered to have the cleanest environment. The EPI (Environmental Performance Index) of Spain is 78.39 and thus, the climate of this country remains clean and safe. Madrid is an exception though. The government of this country is committed to offer clean water, use clean energy, and employ other climate change policies. Explore the country while enjoying every breath of fresh air.

3.            Ireland

Ireland holds an EPI score of 78.77 which makes it one of the cleanest countries in the world. Also, the country is the 20th largest island in the world. This majestic green country is located in the northwest of Europe. You will always find something unexpected when you explore this country. The Republic is known for its beautiful castles, museums, heritage sites, and many more attractions.

4.            Sweden

Sweden is known as one of the most beautiful destinations that every traveler wants to visit. Moreover, it is one of the cleanest and safest in terms of environment and pollution levels. It scores 80.51 EPI (Environmental Performance Index), which makes this country a worth visit to enjoy the holidays amidst clean air.

5.            Germany

One of the most-loved tourist destinations is Germany. It is also one of the cleanest places in the world where you can spend your holidays having a breath of fresh air. The EPI score of this country is 78.37 which make its environment completely healthy for everyone. This beautiful country is surrounded by green hills which make the environment healthier. Enjoy the scenic views, fresh air, cleanliness, and mountain views.

6.            Malta

Malta is, however, a small and densely populated country but it is widely visited by tourists throughout the year. It is one of the cleanest countries with an EPI score of 88.48. Owing to its pristine beaches and breathtaking scenic views, this country is widely visited. The government of Malta has been putting more and more effort in keeping the environment safe and the country clean. Thus, Malta has been included in the top 10 cleanest countries list.

7.            Denmark

This Nordic country is immensely popular and a huge hoard of tourists visits it every year. The country is known as the cleanest country among all the Nordic countries as it has an EPI score of 89.21. Denmark is a beautiful country with amazing attractions for tourists. Also, the country puts more emphasis on renewable energy sources which help in keeping the environment clean and safe. Also, the quality of air in Denmark is good.

8.            Switzerland

Known as a heavenly place, Switzerland is a country that every traveler wishes to visit. It is known as one of the cleanest countries in the entire world with an impressive EPI score of 87.42. The wildlife, thick forests, mountains, clean water, and much more help in keeping the environment clean and safe. Also, the climate of this country remains not too cold or too hot throughout the year. The country has more than 1500 lakes which make it beautiful and clean.

9.            Luxembourg

Luxembourg is known to be the seventh cleanest country in the world. It scores an EPI of 79.12 which makes the environment of this country clean and fresh. This is a small European country that is surrounded by France, Germany, and Belgium. The country is full of dense forests and natural parks along with narrow rocky valleys. People from different parts of the world come here to enjoy their holidays in peace and fresh air.

10.          United Kingdom

One of the most popular destinations for tourists is The United Kingdom. Also, it is considered one of the top cleanest countries in the world ranking it in the sixth position as it scores 79.89 EPI. In addition to the beautiful and iconic tourist attractions, this country has a high air quality index of 94.43. Steep mountains and low valleys are the attracting aspects of the country owing to which it is widely visited. Moreover, there are numerous things to see and do in the UK.

11.          Austria

Austria is one of the well-known countries that sit at the 8th position in the world’s cleanest countries list. It scores an EPI of 78.97 which makes this country completely safe. Also, this country is blessed with dense and vast greenery which helps in making the environment fresh and clean. In terms of sightseeing and activities, Austria offers snow and its activities like Alpine skiing and snowboarding.

12.          Netherlands

Being one of the cleanest countries, the Netherlands received an EPI score of 75.46. This country is located in northwestern Europe and has a lot of amazing things to explore. The breathtaking landscapes that are blessed with fresh air make the Netherlands a perfect holiday destination.

13.          Belgium

Located in Western Europe, Belgium is a very beautiful country that is known for its medieval towns and Renaissance architecture. The country is known for the cleanest environment having an EPI score of 77.38. You can spend your holidays by exploring the most interesting tourist attractions in this country while breathing fresh air.

14.          Iceland

Iceland is known for its great air quality as it scores an EPI of 78.57. The country follows strict policies for saving the environment. Iceland ranks fourth in air quality which offers clean and non-toxic air to everyone for breathing. Moreover, there are a lot of things to explore in this beautiful country.

15.          France

Being one of the most industrialized European countries, France emits low carbon dioxide as it relies on nuclear energy for electricity. The air quality of this country is not the cleanest and thus, it comes at a low rank with an EPI score of 88.20. But, it is a beautiful and most-visited country that has clean and fresh air.

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