Give Yourself A Break And Enjoy A Thrilling Escapade!

Are you one of those who remain excited about hitting the road and exploring new places anytime? Then you would love to know about the latest trend of cross-country travelling. Yes! This road-trip will take you to different countries and let you discover new places, cultures, history, and natives. Doesn’t it raise goosebumps?

Cross-country travelling is however not a new concept for westerners as they usually take such road trips every other month. But, we usually travel by road only to different states, not countries. Due to the pandemic, travellers have opted for road trips leaving behind the option of flying or other modes of travel.

Enjoy a surreal experience by hitting the road for a cross-country travel! But before starting your trip, you should keep in mind certain important things that you might require during your journey.

Of course, you do not want to spoil your happening trip due to some or the other issue. So cross-check these following things before heading out for your cross-country trip as it’s a long way to go.

Tips Before Leaving For A Road Trip!

1. Keep Your Vehicle Serviced

Whatever vehicle you choose, be it a bike or a car, make sure to get it properly serviced before taking it out. If you do not want to face a car break down in the middle of the road then get it serviced beforehand. Do get your vehicle checked for battery, brakes, fluid levels, tire tread or pressure, headlights & break lights, belts & hoses, spare tire & jack, and windshield wipers, if travelling via car.

Vehicle Serviced

Create your own emergency kit including:

  • Flashlights & batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Flares
  • Jumper cables, etc.

2. Pack an Ice Box

You need to keep some snacks with you as you can’t take breaks all the time. Starting with water to soft drinks or juices, you can pack some snacks to curb your hunger pangs in the middle of the road. This is necessary because you might not find grocery stores, supermarkets, or restaurants in your route all the time when you have to drive dozens of miles. It’s extremely convenient to reach behind your car seat to grab a nibble and a sip. Keep in mind to refill whenever you find a store.

And, if you are driving a motorcycle then try to keep a few things to eat and drink handy with you.

3. Pack Wisely

You need to pack only those things that you would need during and after your journey. Do not pack too much stuff as you have to travel along with it. So, jot down the important things to carry at first and then pack judiciously. Pack some basic colors like black, white, red, and grey so that you can mix and match them.

Pack Wisely

4. Plan Your Budget Accordingly

Your trip should not be spoiled because of overstressing on money. If you want to spend in budget then well plan your accommodation cost, fuel cost, dining cost, admission fees of the attractions you want to visit, etc., in advance. You can take the help of the internet to map the driving distance and calculate the costs accordingly. Also, you can take an idea of the attraction costs and lodging costs. Add the cost of tollways too. Calculating the amount of food can be quite tricky still you can plan on what you will eat and keep an approximate amount for that.


5. Check out the Popular Attractions on the Way

Research about the famous attractions and popular restaurants offering local cuisine that you might find on your way while you are heading towards your destination. This is why you are driving all the way so that you can enjoy and explore other destinations too. So, search the internet and note down the famous places and restaurants to stop by.

6. Reserve Your Accommodation In Advance

Without any doubt! Cross-country trips are tiring and you would love to hit a bed at night after such a long and exhausting travel. So, you can choose the place to take a halt and reserve your lodging in a suitable hotel/motel. Always confirm your reservation before leaving home.

Door lock

7. Map Your Itinerary

At first, calculate how many days you would be travelling and where do you want to go in between. But do not try to take the short routes always as you will miss the amazing scenic byways and amazing attractions in the mid. If you want to keep the fun alive then you have to stop at the points of interest. Driving on a stretch for 10 hours will make you miss all the fun.

So, if you are planning for a cross-country road trip then these tips will guide you better in planning everything well in advance.

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