Know How To Explore Europe In 10 Days

Europe needs no introduction as this is a dream destination of many globetrotters. The continent offers loads of stuff to explore which is the reason why travelers from different parts of the world remain eager to visit it. Right from the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ and ‘Eiffel Tower’ to ‘Mt. Titlis’ and Italian pizza to wine and vodka, Europe is a place where you can find everything to amuse you. This is the reason why travelers find it difficult to select a particular country to include in their Euro tour package. Lets’s Find out an easy way

Explore Europe in 10 Days

The breathtaking sightseeing, colossal museums, colonial architecture, vibrant nightlife, fancy restaurants, delicious food, and shopping avenues form the identity of Europe. You can explore this continent by covering major countries/cities within ten days.


Venice and Milan are the places that should not be missed out on your Italy tour. Enjoy the Gondola ride in Venice and watch Duomo di Milano in Milan. It will only take a day.


Simply a paradise on Earth, Switzerland has become a favorite destination for honeymooners and leisure travelers alike. The city of Zurich in Switzerland is widely acknowledged for its urban life and nature’s beauty. Find delight amidst the Swiss mountains and get a chilling experience on Mt. Titlis.

Mt. Jungfraujoch is a must visit to complete your Swiss travel experience. This exploration will take around 3 days.

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The country has a lot of amazing tourist’s destinations.In a single day, you can explore the major attractions of Innsbruck, including Theresa Square, the Imperial Palace, the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl), the Trampoline Olympic ski jump, the River Inn, and the Royal Church.


Widely known for its scenic landscapes, Germany is a beautiful country that should be on your must-visit destinations in Europe. Exploration of the famous Black Forest Region, Rhein Falls, and various other iconic places will only take a day.

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One of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein is known for medieval-style castles and villages, amazing landscapes, and a network of trails. It will only take a day to explore the main attractions of the city.


A country in Western Europe, Belgium is widely known for art-nouveau buildings, medieval towns, and Renaissance architecture. Visit Brussels, the capital of Belgium and enjoy diverse gastronomical adventures. Brussels will take only a day of your itinerary.


France, or the French Republic, is a renowned country celebrated for its stunning landscapes and a wide range of tourist attractions. Among these, Paris, the capital city, stands out as a highly sought-after destination due to its iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower. In addition, France boasts numerous other attractions including the Alexander Bridge, the Grand Palais, the Magdalene Church, Disneyland, and more. To fully experience France’s beauty and attractions, it is recommended to allocate at least two days in your itinerary.

Europe is a platter serving diverse countries to eager travelers. You can get a taste of everything after signing up for a Europe tour package.

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