Land of Thunder Dragon – 7 Days Trip Story

Trip to Bhutan is more than just a fun experience as the Land of Happiness has a lot to offer. Our 7-day group tour was amazing and full of fun. Here, I want to share some of the memorable moments of our Bhutan trip. We boarded Drukair and reached Paro. The journey took around two and a half hour but it was really fun. Moreover, the stunning natural scenery on either side of the runway grabs our attention. As it is said, Paro has the most dangerous landing runway in the world but we didn’t face any issue while landing. All thanks to our pilot.

Land of Thunder Dragon

Day 1

After landing at the Paro airport, we head towards Thimphu for hotel check-in and proceed with the Day 1 itinerary. On our way to reach Thimphu, we have witnessed the most amazing scenic view full of trees, river, Bhutanese style houses, people dressed in traditional clothes, and negative carbon environment. After reaching Thimphu, we checked into the hotel and took our time to freshen up. Post lunch, we head towards visiting the most Iconic places of the city, namely Folk Heritage Museum, National Institute of Zorig Chusum, and Kuensel Phodrang.

At the heritage museum, we saw the unique way in which they build their houses and utensils. Apart from this, there are traditional clothes on display along with various other unique things.

Next, we head towards National Institute of Zorig Chusum or the art and craft school where people learn the handcraft skills and make different attractive items.

Afterward, we visited the most astonishing tourist attraction of Bhutan, Kuensel Phodrang or the Buddha point. The place is simply breathtaking as the scenic view forms the backdrop of the big Buddha statue. After clicking some of the memorable pictures at this location, we head towards the hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Day 2

After having breakfast on day two, we went to visit Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory, Motithang Takin Preserve, National Memorial Chorten, and Tashichho Dzong. Visiting each place will definitely give a serene pleasure to the mind, body, and soul.

Jungshi Handmade Paper Factory is a small factory that produces traditional Bhutanese paper that is handmade using the bark of the Daphne bush. We observe the entire process right from soaking and boiling the bark to crushing, pulping, pressing, and drying. There are lots of products on sale like cards, notebooks, calendars, etc.

After this, we head towards the Motithang Takin Preserve. This place was once a zoo but now converted into a preserve to keep the national animal of Bhutan, Takin in a safe manner.

Next, we visited the National Memorial Chorten is basically a stupa which is known as the prominent and religious landmark of Bhutan. Afterward, we visited the famous Tashichho Dzong. This Dzong is a monastery cum fortress that is aesthetically appealing.

Our day two ends here and we went back to the hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Day 3

On day 3, we went to explore the religious sites of Bhutan. At first, we head towards The Punakha Dzong via Dochula Pass. The place is surreal and left us awestruck as the scenic beauty is one-of-its-kind. On the other hand, the pass has its own charm.

The Dzong is located on a picturesque location alongside a river and amidst the Himalayan mountain ranges. This forms an amazing backdrop for photography.

After this, we have visited Chimi Lhakhang (Temple of Fertility). This temple is well known and many couples come here to pray for babies. This monastery is constructed as per ancient Thai themed architecture. Also, it has paintings and carvings of phalluses on walls.

After this, the day 3 tour ended here and we went back to our hotel for dinner and stay.

Day 4

On day 4, we got indulge in some of the thrilling activities and explored the adventurous side of Bhutan. We went to do river rafting in the Mochu-Fochu River in Punakha. This was a fun activity and everyone enjoyed the exciting ride. It was safe as the water level was also not too high and the river is calm, clean, peaceful, and less deep. Afterward, we climbed the suspension bridge and crossed the river Po Chu. The bridge is around 160 to 180 meters long and crossing it was a real fun. At the end of this adventurous day, we head towards the hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 5

One of the major highlights of the Kingdom of Bhutan is Dzongs and monasteries. So our day 5 itinerary includes the visit of Drukgyel Dzong, Paro Rinpung Dzong, and The National Museum. After having breakfast, we head out to visit Drukgyel Dzong which was once a fortress or Dzong and now in ruins.

Drukgyel Dzong is known as one of the most beautiful archaeological sites located in the Paro valley. The ruins of the dzong are well preserved and it is historically very important for the Bhutanese society. After this, we visited Paro Rinpung Dzong.

Paro Rinpung Dzong is another amazing Buddhist monastery and fortress that has a long history attached to it. Also, the architecture of this dzong is really captivating as it displays many beautiful religious figures and paintings. Besides, we got delighted by the panoramic view of the Parro valley and Paro Chhu River. Next, we had to the National Museum.

The National Museum, located at a beautiful location in Paro, showcases the finest specimens of Bhutanese art. The bronze statues and amazing paintings are the perfect pieces displaying Bhutan’s cultural heritage of around 1,500 years old. By the end of the day, we went back to our hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 6

Day 6 of our itinerary includes one of the most beautiful tourist’s attractions of Bhutan, Taktshang Monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest). Located at a height of 800 meters above the valley in Paro, this monastery is worth a visit. However, this was an optional tour. So, we went for Chelela Pass along with a Short Bridge Hike and watched the cultural dance of Bhutan.

Chelela pass connects the valley of Paro and Haa. And, it is known as the highest motorable pass. The drive from Paro to Chelela Pass offers a wonderful view of the natural landscape, mountains, flora, and fauna. The pleasant weather was an added advantage for us as the temperature was 13 degrees at that time. Many people also opt for trekking and hiking here.

Further, we went for the short bridge hike where we enjoyed a spectacular view of the river and the scenic beauty around. After clicking some memorable pictures at this place, we went to watch the cultural dance of Bhutan which was really captivating as it offered a delightful experience of the Bhutanese culture. We wrap up the day here and went back to the hotel.

Day 7

Our group tour ends on day 7 and after having breakfast, we left for the airport to board our flight back to Delhi. The trip was a memorable one and left us with pleasurable memories.

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