Taj Mahotsav – A must visit Festival in Uttar Pradesh!

Agra hosts the Taj Mahotsav, a vibrant 10-day festival celebrating India’s diverse culture with colors and flavors.

The festival primarily focuses on showcasing the art, crafts, culture, cuisine, and dance of various countries. Talented individuals from around the world come to Agra to participate and exhibit their skills. The Taj Mahotsav will be celebrated from 18th to 27th Feb near the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal.

Key Elements of Taj Mahotsav:

1. Art and Crafts:

Over 400 legendary artists from all over India showcase their talents in this festival. Their work ranges from bamboo work to stone carvings, and from paper smash work to showcase the diverse craftsmanship.

We can say that you will experience the essence of Indian art and Crafts here at Taj Mahotsav.

2. Cuisine:

Artists from all over the country showcase a diverse range of cuisines, offering visitors a taste of India’s culinary delights.

3. Culture:

Cultural activities from across India, including dance and music, are showcased at this festival, representing diverse regions.

3 reasons why you should visit Taj Mahotsav!

1. You can experience spectacular and the vast culture of India:

India is a vast country with 29 states and each of the states has its own different flavours and cultures. Experience the vibrant colors and flavors of India at the Taj Mahotsav in Agra.

2. Taj Mahal in a new way:

Though you have visited Taj Mahal previously, you will get to see Taj Mahal in a different way. Experience the Taj Mahal in a whole new light during the festival, including mesmerizing full moon night visits.

3. Recalling the Past:

Agra celebrates this festival to honor its rich heritage and glorious past under the rule of the Mughals.

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