Taj Mahotsav – A must visit Festival in Uttar Pradesh!

Taj Mahotsav or the Taj Festival is one of the most awaited 10 days annual festivals celebrated in Agra. This festival is celebrated since 1992 in the reminiscent of the spectacular Mughal era and people of Uttar Pradesh waits for this festival all year long. This festival is mainly dedicated to countries art, crafts, culture, cuisine and dance. In fact from all over the world comes to Agra to showcase their talents. The festival is celebrated this year from 18th Feb to 27th Feb at Shilpgram near the eastern gate of Taj Mahal.

Key Elements of Taj Mahotsav:

1. Art and Crafts: 400 legendary artists from all over India showcase their talents in this festival. Their work includes from bamboo work from the North East States, stone Carvings from Tamil Nadu, Paper smash work from Kerala, etc. We can say that you will experience the essence of Indian art and Crafts here at Taj Mahotsav.

2. Cuisine: India is known for its vast range of cuisine and in this festival, you will get a taste of every Cuisine. Artists from each and every part of the country offer a comprehensive range of cuisines.

3. Culture: Be it from Kashmir or from Kerala or from Rajasthan to West Bengal, all cultural activities like dancing, singing from every corner of the country is being showcased over here.

3 reasons why you should visit Taj Mahotsav!

1. You can experience spectacular and the vast culture of India: India is a vast country with 29 states and each of the states has its own different flavours and cultures. One has to travel to every corner of the country to experience this but when you are in Agra at the time of Taj Mahotsav, you can feel every colors and flavor of the country.

2. Taj Mahal in a new way: Though you have visited Taj Mahal previously, you will get to see Taj Mahal in a different way. You will get a chance to visit Taj Mahal on a full moon night and during the festival which is definitely a spectacular view to witness.

3. Recalling the Past: Agra is known for its historical architecture and also for its past. We all know that Mughals were ruling and made the city prosperous. This festival is celebrated to remember the glorious past.

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