Things To Do In Greece


When it comes to Greece, people usually think that this country is just about beaches. But it is not just a beach destination! There are plenty of extreme sports available in this country which a thrill-seeker should definitely try. Here we have summed up some of the interesting and exciting activities that you can do when you are in Greece.

1. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

There are lots of outdoor activities to do in Greece such as bird watching, cycling, etc. Greece is bestowed with a collection of rivers and mountains. This country has numerous enchanting lakes and lagoons where you can watch a majority of bird species. As Greece has more than 190 Important Bird Areas (IBA), there are chances that you can spot pelicans, ducks, cormorants, gulls, eagles, geese, etc., quite easily. Also, you can enjoy cycling around the best places in the country such as Koufonissia.

2. Mountain Activities

Mountain Activities

Greece is a mountainous country and thus, it’s a perfect destination for conducting different types of thrilling mountain activities like Rock Climbing, Hiking, and much more. You can hike mountains, valleys, and other amazing landscapes as Greece is home to diverse trekking and hiking paths. For hiking, you can choose islands like Amorgos, Lemnos, Ikaria, or Corfu. Climb some of the most imposing peaks in Greece. Kalymnos is the best place to do rock climbing activities. You can also choose Mount Olympus, Pelion or even Meteora.

3. Water Activities

water activities

Greece doesn’t imply only lazy beach holidays. Indulge yourself in some fun water activities like sailing, surfing, scuba diving, rafting, sea kayaking, and much more. Sail across the amazing turquoise water of the Lonian & Aegean Seas and feel the wind on your face. Contact the sailing charter companies to hire sailboats on rent. As Greece enjoys some strong winds, you can opt for surfing in the famous surf spots of Ikaria or Karpathos.

4. Air Activities

Air Activities

Greece also offers some of the most daring air activities such as skydiving, paragliding, jumping off the bridge, etc., for the adventure enthusiasts. If you are daring enough then do try them in Greece. Fly over the clouds and feel the adrenaline rush while skydiving over Athens. Jump off the Corinth Bridge to feel your heart racing. And, paraglide across Lefkada or on the mainland and admire the beauty of Greece from above. Enjoy these extreme sports in this beautiful country.

5. Winter Activities

Winter Activities

Yes, you can ski in Greece. If you are visiting this beautiful country during winters, then you would get the opportunity to indulge in some exciting winter activities. You would get to see snow in Greece which offers the chance of skiing and snowboarding to snow lovers. Also, the country is home to amazing ski resorts where you can stay and enjoy the sightseeing.

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