Visa Free Country For Indians – Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island country that is widely appreciated for its astonishing beauty and thus, it has become one of the favorite destinations of holidaymakers. The best part of visiting Jamaica is that Indian nationals do not have to worry about getting a visa as they are allowed to stay up to 30 days visa-free. As India is a commonwealth country, Indian nationals are allowed to visit Jamaica without any visa.

The country has a hot and humid climate and possesses amazing flora like rainforests, wetlands, coral reefs, rivers, caves, and fauna like hummingbirds, Jamaican Tody, a freshwater turtle called Jamaican slider, red-billed streamertails, and others. To enjoy the best of Jamaica, plan a holiday to this beautiful country with your family and friends without worrying about a visa.

Visa Requirements

Indian nationals are allowed to stay in Jamaica for only 14 days without a visa. Those who are travelling to Jamaica have to present a valid and approved travel document as evidence of their identity. The most common type of travel document is passport but there are some other documents also that may be accepted. The travel document/s should be issued by a recognized authority and must possess a photograph of the document holder.

Visa: No Visa

General Requirements:

  • Passport valid for the period of intended stay
  • Sufficient funds for stay
  • Confirmed to and fro tickets
  • Booking Details for the stay

Some of the other acceptable travel documents:

  • Laissez Passer
  • Certificate of Identity
  • ‘Kinderausweis’ issued to German minors
  • Documents issued to refugees
  • Seamans certificate if travelling by sea
  • Military documents for military personnel travelling by air; whether Military passport on I.D
  • Document of Identity (if the holder is not a Jamaican citizen then a visa might be required)

Here are the necessary documents that you need to carry while visiting Jamaica as a tourist.

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