How Can You Stay Safe From Coronavirus?


The impact of Coronavirus is increasing day by day but you can safeguard yourself by following simple precautionary steps and by bringing a slight change in your daily routine.

How to Avoid the Transmission?

An average person touches his face more than 16 times an hour including nose, eyes, and mouth. It increases the risk of infection with flu, cold, or virus. Thus, you need to avoid touching your face as much as you can. Your mouth and eyes are the areas where the virus can enter into the body and all it takes is a single touch with your infected finger. Keep in mind, Covid-19 virus is a fomite which means it transfers to any surface and then to a human body upon touching. So, avoid touching any object and if you do then wash your hands.

Washing Your Hands Is the Key

Washing your hands after every hour can reduce your chances to get the infection. Always make sure to wash your hands after touching any surface or object. Take at least 20 seconds to wash your hands by forming a rich lather. According to the CDC, the best way to wash your hands is defined in five simple steps:

1. Wet

2. Lather

3. Scrub

4. Rinse

5. Dry

Washing hands

Use A Tissue For Coughing & Sneezing

Even if you are not sick, use a tissue for sudden coughing and sneeze and dispose of the tissue right away. If you are not carrying a tissue with yourself then cough or sneeze in your flexed elbow.

coughing and sneezing

Maintain Social Distancing

This is the time when you have to maintain social distancing and avoid people. Work from home if possible and be extra cautious while meeting other people. Avoid shaking hands with people and greet them by joining hands. Avoid public transportation as coronavirus travels through droplets so limiting your exposure to other people is the best way to keep yourself protected.

Social distancing

Clean & Disinfect

Keep your surroundings clean and keep disinfecting the frequently touched surfaces on a daily basis including tables, light switches, handles, doorknobs, faucets, phones, toilets, etc.

Clean & Disinfect

Seek Medical Care

If you are sick with fever, coughing, and shortness of breath then seek medical care. You may or may not be infected with Covid-19 but stay cautious if you feel sick.

Medical care

Stay safe and stay positive!

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