10 reasons why you should visit Bhutan once in a lifetime

Bhutan is a unique country located between China and India. This is the world’s last remaining Buddhist Kingdom. Though this country is small, it is famous for its stunning natural beauty and its strong sense of culture which make this country different from its neighbors.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Bhutan should be your next travel Destination:

1. Gross National Happiness: In this country, we don’t have to go around finding happiness. Happiness will come on its own. The Gross National Happiness is defined by 4 objectives –to increase economic growth and development, preserve and promote the cultural heritage, to encourage sustainable use of the environment and to establish good governance. This reason is one of the reasons why you should visit Bhutan.

2. Unspoiled Landscape: Nature has blessed the kingdom of Bhutan with the variety of flora and fauna. It is the last remaining biodiversity hotspots in the world. With heavenly waterfalls and the best mountain passes that create a paradise for its residents and tourists.

3. Adventure activities: When one thinks of Bhutan, its adventure activities come first to mind. This country is swiftly developing its reputation for its adventurous activities. Starting from River Rafting and kayaking, Cycling, Rock Climbing and trekking in the beautiful mountain passes, it will give you an unforgettable experience.

4. Cuisines: What makes Bhutanese Cuisines most unique cuisine from rest of the world is Chillies. They love chillies most and chillies are the main ingredient in their food.

5. Satisfying Climate of Bhutan: The advantage of this country is you can visit and enjoy your leisure at any time of the year. Spring Season (March, April, & May) is considered as the most beautiful season as valleys are green with fresh vegetation and blossoming fruit trees, and during winter it attracts tourists because of its snowfall.

6. Festivals: Bhutan is rich in its culture and its colourful festivals. Every village in this country is known for its colourful and religious festivals throughout the year. These religious festivals are high – Spirited affairs and lively during which people celebrate by exchanging and sharing meals.

7. The Beauty of Bhudhism: The journey to Bhutan can be your most spiritual journey ever. You can encounter yourself the peace in this religion. As this religion is the most prominent religion in this country, you can find many amazing monuments like Taktsang, Dzongs, etc.

8. A shopping destination: If you are a shopping enthusiast, you will not be disappointed in Bhutan. You will find the colourful heap of sweaters, coats and many woollen materials over here. The handicrafts emporium in Thimpu is a mixed bag collection of mesmerizing handicrafts.

9. Phenomenon culture of Bhutan: Preserving Bhutanese culture is one of the main points of gross national happiness formula and people in that country is doing so. You can get a Glimpse of Bhutanese cultures in its Museums, Art and Crafts and in its Handicrafts.

10. Art and Crafts: The lifestyle of Bhutanese people is humble and down to earth but their art and craft include a lot of variety from textile to Bamboo work, you can find a lot of variety over there. The uniqueness of people of Bhutan is reflected by their Art and Crafts.

As Bhutan is one of the destinations which you shouldn’t miss, you always want to travel Hustle Free and would like to make memories of the lifetime. Book your Trip to Bhutan by Clicking Here and Get you Holiday be a Hustle-free one.

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