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5 Reasons Why Bali Is Hitting The Top Of Every Globetrotter’s Travel List

An island with many destinations, Bali is simply a paradise on Earth. Located in Indonesia, this island is well-known for its rich and diverse culture, nice tropical climate, amazing natural sights, delicious cuisine, mystical temple, and much more. This place is known as Island of the Gods and thus, many travelers from different parts of the world visit this place throughout the year. Enjoy surfing at the beaches of the South, simply hang-out on Nusa Lembongan, or relish an extravagant getaway on the Bukit Peninsula, Bali has innumerable things to offer. Thus, this island is hitting the top of every globetrotter’s travel list. Here are some of the major reasons explaining why you should choose Bali as your next travel destination.

1. Nice Tropical Climate

Climate is the most important thing to consider before planning any trip. If you are a beach person then the nice tropical climate of Bali will leave you stunned. This is the reason why a huge crowd is visiting Bali throughout the year. On this Island, you will enjoy a reliably warm and sunny climate all year. Also, it enjoys the sunshine of 12 to 13 hours.

Nice Tropical Climate

2. Fun On The Beach

Bali is an Island with beaches all around. The long stretches of beaches make you feel relaxed and the spectacular beauty all around keeps you captivated. The coastal landscapes of Bali which are embedded with dreamy beaches have a unique quality of their own. Also, each type of beach has its own distinctiveness. These beaches are perfect for both leisure beach lovers and water-sports enthusiasts.

Fun On The Beach

3. Natural Beauty

The breathtaking landscapes of Bali tell a lot about its natural beauty. Beyond the beaches, there are a lot of natural wonders that can truly give a feast to your eyes. Right from the photogenic waterfalls to the lush highlands, Bali has a lot of things to surprise you. Another charming attraction of Bali is its glorious sunset and sunrise, which makes this place a perfect destination for holidays, destination weddings, anniversary celebrations, honeymoon, and various other occasions.

Natural Beauty

4. Mystical Temples

One more specialty of this Island beyond the idyllic beaches is the temples. There is a number of temples and each of them has distinguished shapes and sizes. The temple lovers would find paradise in Bali and can easily tick off plenty of them from their list. Some of the temples are recognized as the landmarks of Bali and set against the most picturesque backdrops. These temples are meant for providing an incredible spiritual experience to the visitors.

Mystical Temples

5. Delicious Cuisine

Food lovers would find numerous gastronomic delights in Bali. Taste the ultimate local dishes, Balinese cuisine, and various other gourmet meals on this Island. If you want to enjoy the flavors close to home then you can try the international options available at most Balinese restaurants. Bali is home to some of the world’s famed restaurants offering deliciously cooked food.

Delicious Cuisine

All of the above makes Bali a perfect holiday destination for all types of travelers.

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