Best Places to Visit in August in India: Beat the Heat with Cool Destinations

When August arrives and the air is crisp and there’s plenty of greenery all around you, you know the fall season is in full swing. Imagine traveling in this weather, taking in the stunning scenery and finding peace. That being said, the rainy season is probably best enjoyed by adventurous individuals, who are constantly in awe of nature’s wonderful trails, not always in a hurry If you fall into the latter category , we suggest visiting India in August—it doesn’t get any better than this!

1. Lonavala


The Western Ghats hill station of Lonavala, a favorite weekend escape for people from Pune and Mumbai, is most picturesque during the monsoon season. A great experience may be had in Lonavala with its view of the lush hills that are always covered in a heavy layer of clouds, the overflowing dams and waterfalls, and the historic forts. You’ll have a blast on your vacation whether you travel here with your loved ones or a bunch of buddies. One of the best Places to Visit in August in India.

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2. Wayanad


Though it is a popular tourist destination in Kerala year-round, there is something special about visiting Wayanad during the monsoon season. Wayanad is a charming hill station. This is the time to hike to its scenic overlooks, take in the cool, pleasant weather, and behold the green magnificence of its enormous expanse of rainforests, tea, coffee, rubber, and spice farms.

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3. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

One of the best Places to Visit in August in India is Mount Abu a well-liked summer getaway destination for locals. However, throughout the monsoon season, when the area receives moderate rainfall and experiences exceptionally beautiful weather, it also retains its appeal. In addition to touring the well-known temples at this hill station, August offers breathtaking views of its verdant valley and picturesque mountains. Taking your family on a trip here can be a wise decision!

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4. Jodhpur


August is an excellent time of year for a family holiday since Jodhpur, the capital of the Rajputana tribe, has good weather. Because there are less tourists during this season, exploring its royal palaces, ancient forts, and magnificent temples as well as shopping at its marketplaces for traditional Rajasthani clothing and handicrafts may be a delightful experience. One of the best Places to Visit in August in India.

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5. Dharamshala


Dharamshala is another lovely place to visit in August, when monsoon season arrives. Because of its greater altitude, it receives a lot of rainfall, which makes its lush vegetation even more alluring. In addition to touring the region’s well-known monasteries, you can learn a great deal about Tibetan culture and past here, particularly at the Kangra Art Museum and the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, two of Dharamshala’s top attractions.

6. Jaipur


One of the best Places to Visit in August in India is the “Pink City” of Rajasthan, Jaipur, a dynamic and alluring location that skillfully combines a vibrant modern culture with its rich historical legacy. The magnificence of Rajasthan’s architectural legacy is on display in the city’s famous landmarks, including the Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, and City Palace. Jaipur is also well-known for its vibrant markets, where you may indulge in an extravagant shopping spree for jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, and traditional clothing. The city’s charm is increased by its friendly and welcoming residents, delicious Rajasthani food, and exciting events. Travelers are left with unforgettable memories of Jaipur long after their stay, as it offers the ideal fusion of history, culture, and modernity.

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7. Ooty


Explore the Queen of Hill Stations. The toy train ride, a boat ride on Ooty Lake, seeing native wildlife at Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, wandering through the Government Botanical Garden, going to the Tea Museum, climbing Doddabetta, relaxing at Pykara Waterfalls, lounging in the pine forest, and indulging in chocolates made locally are all must-do activities in this area. One of the best Places to Visit in August in India.

8. Varanasi


One of the best Places to Visit in August in India is Varanasi, which  appears to be older than all of them combined. Known as the holiest city in India, Varanasi is an ancient city that was blessed by the Ganga River. There is nothing like the vibrancy, resonance, and tranquility of Varanasi. Experience spirituality and culture, take in the various temples and picturesque ghats, take in the Ganga aarti, and savor delicious street cuisine when you visit Varanasi. Varanasi, one of the most well-liked family vacation destinations in India in August, is also a great site for anyone who enjoy people-watching and the way people join together to pursue spirituality.

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