Best Time to Visit Kashmir One Cannot Miss A Chance To Experience!

Best time to visit Kashmir is in June. The pleasant temperature of about 20 degrees is enjoyed by residents of Kashmir during periods when other sections of the nation are experiencing intense heat waves. Additionally, this is the busiest travel season in this area, when a wide range of events and activities are available. This is a list of things to savor during your June visit to Kashmir. There are so many adventurous activities and things to do in the valley this time of year that you can never get bored with organising your trip and these top June activities in Kashmir.

Best Time to Visit Kashmir in June:

Visit Kashmir in June

See some of the best things to do in Kashmir in June and enjoy your time with your loved ones exploring some of the amazing activities like mountain biking and riding a Gondola.

1. Ride A Shikara

In this country, Shikaras are unique to Kashmir and a must-do activity while visiting. The boatman will take you away from the busy city and among the stunning mountain ranges as you lie on a cozy shikara. Seeing how courteous and serene it is in the middle of the lake, with no one else around but you and the natural world, is simply breathtaking. Everything around you is peaceful and silent, save for the gentle sound of boat paddles dropping against your ears. Best Things To Do In Kashmir are enjoying your Shikara ride in Dal Lake. It will cost you around 350 rupees for a round trip.

Ride A Shikara

Places to Visit in Kashmir: Dal Lake or Manasbal lake

Price: INR 300

Best Time to Visit: Till 9:00 PM

2. Stay In A Houseboat

The houseboats in Kashmir are the main draw for visitors. This location are the exquisitely constructed homes that settle atop boats in the lake. You have to schedule a day to stay at these amazing homes, even if your budget prevents you from spending your whole vacation on a houseboat. As time goes on, these houseboats undergo further modernization and are equipped with a variety of contemporary conveniences, allowing you to take advantage of their historic interior design and architectural style. In addition, a long, warm robe and a traditional Kashmiri capa will be given to you to complement your houseboat lifestyle. Best Time to Visit Kashmir for most unique experiences are well-known houseboats on Dal Lake.

Stay In A Houseboat

Places to Visit in Kashmir: Dal Lake

Price: Starting from INR 3900

3. Ride A Gondola

Another activity you simply must do when you are in kashmir is ride the gondola cable car. People of all ages want to do it, since it is so exciting and fun. Best Things To Do In Kashmir while riding the Gondola Cable, which offers you some of the best views of Kashmir as well. The valley view from these cable cars is captivating, especially in June when the weather is bright and there are no clouds or mist to hurdle the views. There are three stages to the route. It starts in Gulmarg and travels to Koogdoori, Koondoori, Apharwat Peak, and finally Mary Shoulder, an open chair lift.

Ride A Gondola

Places to Visit in Kashmir: District Baramulla, Alambal Road, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 1700

Best Time to Visit: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

4. Experience The Golf Club In Gulmarg

Best time to visit Kashmir for snowfall in Gulmarg, which boasts its own private golf course. It’s enormous, with eighteen separate golf courses of differing levels of difficulty. It’s the site of various well-known competitions and one of the greatest pastimes for the valley’s upper class. Frequently, visitors arrive here with their partners and play golf all day. The “Meadow of Flowers,” one of Kashmir’s most well-known golf courses, provides players with an unforgettable experience. The golf course opens at 8 a.m until 10 pm at night.

Golf Club In Gulmarg

Places to Visit in Kashmir: Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time to Visit: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

5. Ride A Pony While You Are In Kashmir

Ride A Pony

The most popular mode of transportation in this area is the pony because of the challenging terrain and steep roads. These ponies are used to transport large objects to areas that are inaccessible to autos. Riding these horses is also customary for visitors to Kashmir. One should try riding them on a short route to get a feel for how they feel, even if they are not intended for use in challenging terrain. For you, it will be a whole different experience. Best Time to Visit Kashmir for Pony rides are frequently offered on several of the tracks in Pahalgam, Sonamarg and Gulmarg. This will also provide you a better understanding of the way Kashmiri folks enjoy and live their lives.

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