Here’s How Zenith Is Coping Up With The Lockdown!

With the increased cases of coronavirus in India, Zenith Hospitality started monitoring the situation a long time back and took the action of remote working a week before the lockdown to ensure the safety of our employees.

Initially, we have cut down the working hours and made use of sanitizers compulsory by every employee. We also limit the stopover of visitors at our premises also took other measures to provide a safe working environment.

But, as the situation got worse, our management took the major precautionary step of remote working so that our employees can remain safe. This step has been taken at least a week before the government has decided to completely lock down the nation.

Our leaders are well aware of the present scenario and have also analyzed the future business prospects too. Still, they are focusing upon managing, retaining, and enhancing the experience of the employees at this time of crisis.

Transition from Office Working to Remote Working

Working from home for such a long period is something really new for all of us. Thus, we have decided to handheld our employees through this journey. For this, we are regularly communicating with them through a reliable video conferencing application and offering them tips to work from home while being most productive at the same time.

Moreover, we have advanced technical back up so even while working from home, our employees are not getting any issues. They are working without any technical interruptions. Also, those employees who do not have laptops, we have shifted their office desktops to their homes. If there is any IT support required then we are resolving the issues remotely.

Keeping the Workforce Engaged & Productive

Our employees are consistently conducting their routine tasks and engage with each other through tech platforms like hangouts, etc. We have utilized the time for learning new things and polishing our skills to make sure that our clients would get the best working experience with us after things get back to normal. We are conducting webinars and online modules, quizzes, etc., for the knowledge enhancement of our team members. Our motive is to keep our employees productive even during the lockdown.

We have also conducted many webinars in association with various tourism boards. Through these webinars, our employees get training for leadership, communication, management, strategic planning, marketing, operations, products, sales, and much more. Moreover, we are always present for our customers to answer all their queries through different platforms.

We know that during these troubled times; the safety of our employees is of utmost importance. Thus, we are ensuring that they get all the facilities in order to stay productive, connected, and healthy.

We encourage the employees to participate in the contests by offering rewards to the winners.

As of now, we are moving ahead in tune with time and we are also prepared for the unknown.

In terms of impact, we are trying to get the most out of the work-from-home situation as we continuously share tips on how to be productive and stay positive during this time. Our employees are definitely supporting us and trying to learn as much as possible to polish their skills. They are proactively engaged with all the learning and development programs.

Moreover, we are also monitoring the situation closely and working on taking cautionary and preventive measures.

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