Sindhu Darshan Festival – The Colourful Festival of Northern India

There are a lot of exciting things that Northern India offers to you. From that list there is one festival which you must experience to bring prosperity in your life, The Sindhu Darshan Festival. Sindhu means River Indus and Darshan Means to witness.

The Sindhu Darshan festival, named after the revered River Indus, is a vibrant and colorful celebration that takes place in Northern India. This highly anticipated festival spans across three days and attracts numerous foreign tourists, showcasing the cultural richness and diversity of the region.

The Sindhu Darshan festival is a heartfelt tribute to the Indus (Sindhu) River, which symbolizes communal harmony in India. It is believed that catching a glimpse of the majestic River Sindhu brings fortune and immense benefits to individuals.

As a result, people from around the world flock to Ladakh to witness the mesmerizing flow of the river in that region. Additionally, the festival also serves as a dedication to the brave soldiers who stand unwavering at the borders, regardless of the harsh weather conditions.

People in Ladakh at their most colorful clothes pay their homage to River Sindhu by dipping into its water and pray for her blessings and they treat the river as their mother. People from different parts of the country bring water from their own pot and immerse that water into the holy river.

This festival is also a way to offer water to the soul of the dead people because it is an old belief that offering water would release their souls permanently from the worldly ties. On these days, a prayer is organized on the bank of river by 50 lamas who pray for the prosperity of the whole country.

When to Visit: To experience this colorful festival, Visit Ladakh between 12th June to 14th June.

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