The Liveliest festival of Ladakh – The Hemis Festival

When northernmost frontier of India takes a breath of relief from the harsh winters, they celebrate the most colourful festival. People from all over the world visit Ladakh at this time to experience the colour of Indian festivals. Just like other festivals, Hemis also depicts the tale of good over evil. With different cultural programs and tunes of flute & drums bring a new life to this lifeless place.

Hemis Festival

The History that will enlighten you:

Tibetan and Buddhist legends tell us a tale that this two-day festival is dedicated to Lord Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) and celebrate his birth anniversary. He was a reincarnation of Buddha and was believed to be born on 10th day of the fifth month of monkey year. He was the one who saved people from evil and improved their spiritual condition. He also introduced Tantric Buddhism to the Himalayas

This festival is a spectacular example of Ladakhi Culture. There are no religious boundaries in case of this festival. Hindu, Muslim as well as Buddhists dressed in the most colourful dresses. The courtyard of the largest Gompa serves as the stage to celebrate this festival. The programs of this festival are mainly supervised by the head Lama.

Where to go?

To experience the colours of this festival, you have to visit Hemis Monastery (Gompa), situated 45 km from Leh and known as the largest Gompa in Leh. This Oldest Monastery existed much before the 11th century. You can also see more than 500 monks wearing saffron coloured clad which enlighten the spirituality in you.

Celebrations to experience:

If you want to experience a festival at its best, you should do it from the start. The festival which is believed to be so sacred that gives both good health and spiritual strength should not be missed. The ceremony begins in the early morning at the top of the Monastery with the resounding clash of cymbals and a constant soothing sound of Spiritual pipes will make you feel the real peace of this festival. This festival is highlighted through its uniqueness. The Lamas of this monastery perform dances by wearing mask.

This represents the story of good over evil power. The people who are performing in this festival are costumed in bright-coloured clothes and bright masks. These masked dances are known as Chams. The dance movements are slow with great expressions. As all masks are different, these different masks represent each unique character in the legends. This breathtaking festival takes some unbelievable turn when the two-storey high ‘Thanka’ portraying Padmasambhava puts on a show at an interval of every 12 years in the Tibetan calendar.

Some Lively activities also take part in this festival like you can enjoy local cuisine and fulfill your adrenaline rush by attending the adventurous safaris on yak or camel. Try the country Liquor over there which is also a major attraction for tourists. This festival is also marked by some local fairs where you can experience the culture of the barren land. Many shops are well stocked with handicrafts of the local people.

When to go?

When the harsh winter is over, summer makes the weather soothing and this is the best time to visit this place. If you want to experience this festival, visit Ladakh on 23rd of June. To experience this marvellous festival, you must visit Ladakh on this date. Click here to Book your package now and enjoy your holiday.

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