Top 7 Historical Places In The World


The world is full of historical treasures that embody the pinnacle of human history. Amazing sites constructed by several civilizations remain intact in the twenty-first century. Today is a moment of unprecedented technological advancements and inventions. But even in the prehistoric past, when this element did not exist, geniuses might nonetheless demonstrate their technological prowess. Amazing, isn’t that right? These are a few historical places in the world that provide visitors a glimpse into the past. Some of this can be incorporated into your global historical trip.

1. The Pyramids Of Giza

Potentially one of the more well-known historical places in the world is the Giza pyramid complex. However, their origin, design, and function are still completely unknown. Dating back to 2630 BC, the Pyramid of Djoser is thought to be the oldest pyramid in all of Egypt. It was constructed in the Saqqara necropolis to house Pharaoh Djoser’s tomb.

Pyramids Of Giza

Among the most well-liked travel spots worldwide is this one. The major complex of pyramids near modern-day Cairo consists of three main pyramids, three smaller pyramids, and the mysterious Great Sphinx.

2. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

This abandoned settlement is perched on a mountain in southern Peru that can only be reached by train or by trekking the Inca Trail. When the Spanish captured the area, the Inca civilization abandoned this significant cultural center, which Hiram Bingham rediscovered in 1911. (Although Vilcabamba is the genuine Lost City of the Incas, it is renowned for that name). In 1983, UNESCO designated the site as a World Heritage Site, and in 2007, it was listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and one of the best historical places in the world. Only a small portion of the required number of visitors may now enter the site due to worries about the increasing number of visitors.

3. Angkor Wat

The Khmer Empire, which formerly dominated most of Southeast Asia, had its capital city at this historic location in Cambodia. Before this empire collapsed, it created magnificent temples and structures that the jungle eventually reclaimed for hundreds of years.

Angkor Wat

Crowds are always present in the most visited temples, Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, and Angkor Thom. You must get the three- or five-day pass if you want to truly explore the temples. Early in the morning, before the large tour groups arrive, is the ideal time to visit; after they leave, remain late. Angkor Wat is one of the most famous historical places in the world

4. Petra

Nestled within a Jordanian canyon, Petra gained notoriety during the third Indiana Jones movie, wherein the protagonist sets out to locate the Holy Grail. The location was never known to the West until 1812, when a Swiss explorer went there after following several local tribesmen. It seems that people migrated to this area as early as the sixth century BC.


The location progressively deteriorated during Roman authority, and by the late 4th century, it had been abandoned and was mostly forgotten by the global community. Petra was recently listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and best historical places in the world according to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

5. Stonehenge

This almost 3,000-year-old megalithic edifice is situated close to Salisbury. The enormous stones, which are transported from Wales, have dimensions of approximately 13 feet (4 meters) in height, 7 feet (2 meters) in width, and 25 tons in weight apiece. Scholars have attempted to repeat the achievement, but have not been successful in understanding how the construction workers got the stones there. Furthermore, we can only speculate as to why it exists; we have no real idea.


Visitors may now only stroll around Stonehenge, as it is now gated off and the circle of stones is inaccessible. But the mystique surrounding it makes it worthwhile to visit. The price of admission includes access to a fantastic and comprehensive audio tour.

6. The Colosseum and Forum

One of the best historical places in the world is Forum and the Colosseum which is situated directly next to one another. Rome’s main public gathering place and imperial capital was the Roman Forum, but the Colosseum, which could accommodate 50,000–80,000 spectators, was the biggest amphitheatre in the whole Roman Empire. These sites, which date back about 2,000 years, are remarkable not just for their natural splendor but also for their history and antiquity as remnants of a civilization that once ruled the known world.

Colosseum and Forum

Much of the complex is now restricted, especially the level and cellar where everything was arranged, as it has slowly deteriorated over the years.

7. The Parthenon

Above Athens, in the fifth century BCE, stands a fortress known as the Acropolis. The historic Parthenon, the Athena temple and other historic structures may all be found inside the hilltop complex. This historic temple dedicated to Athena serves as both a reminder of Greek civilization and a symbol of the might of Athens. And now it is also known as the best historical places in the world.


The Parthenon is still amazing and magnificent even if it is undergoing renovations. It also offers a broad perspective of Athens and the surrounding ruins, which have equally magnificent temples and structures.

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