Want To Travel Safe Post Covid-19? Consider These 5 Countries

Travelers who were waiting for a long time to travel but confined in their homes due to the pandemic that has greatly impacted the world can now plan their visit to countries that have claimed themselves as coronavirus free.

Here is the list of the countries you can plan your visit to:

1. New Zealand: New Zealand has already declared itself as COVID-free. The restrictions will be gradually eased as the infection rate began to slow. However, the borders are closed for now for almost all travelers but you can plan to visit New Zealand without any fear after the borders will be open for the tourists. All the tourists would have to follow the set rules after the borders get open for them.

New Zealand

2. Fiji: Fiji has declared itself free from coronavirus in the first week of June after all 18 people who were tested corona positive recovered. So, travelers can pack their bags to discover the beautiful land of Fiji.


3. Tanzania: The president of Tanzania claimed that the country has become free from the coronavirus. So, those who are planning to visit can do it very soon just after the pandemic recedes.


4. Vatican: On June 6, The Vatican is said to be free from coronavirus. As per the officials, there are no more coronavirus patients and the last person found to be infected in recent weeks had tested negative. So, you can consider visiting The Vatican City post coronavirus.


5. Seychelles: This island nation has claimed to be virus free in early May after its health ministry announced complete recoveries. Seychelles reported 11 confirmed cases with zero deaths and now it is free from the corona. Travelers can consider visiting Seychelles post-COVID-19.


So, if you are really excited about traveling then consider the above countries to visit.

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