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Love’s Journey: Cherishing Forever Moments in Beautiful Places with your loved ones

Valentine's Week Special

Valentine’s Day is here, and what could be more special than spending it in lovely places with your special someone? Best places to celebrate valentine’s day in india are Kashmir, the mesmerizing beauty of Lakshadweep, the tropical vibes of Andaman, the green charm of Kerala, the snowy wonder of Himachal, the peaceful landscapes of Uttarakhand, and the mysterious allure of North East India.

Kashmir – A Love Story Carved in Snow:

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Imagine a cozy time in Kashmir, where the snow-covered landscapes are like a dream. Picture yourselves sipping warm Kahwa by a fireplace in a traditional houseboat. Hold hands while exploring the snowy scenes of Gulmarg. It’s like making a snowflake-filled love story!

Lakshadweep – Seaside Serenade for Two:

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For a sweet beach getaway, head to Lakshadweep. Think about clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and colorful coral reefs. Snorkel together and discover the underwater world. Let the sea breeze sing your love story under the twinkling Lakshadweep sky.
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Andaman – Tropical Bliss Unveiled:

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Andaman, where the sea meets the sand, is a tropical haven for your Valentine’s Day. Picture a private beach picnic, exploring marine life, and watching the sun set at Radhanagar Beach – creating a love story as vibrant as the coral reefs.
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Kerala – Backwaters Love Song:

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Kerala’s backwaters create a melody for your love story. Imagine a boat ride through serene waters, exploring spice gardens together, and enjoying the colorful Kathakali dance. Kerala is where love blooms like flowers in a garden.
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Himachal – Snowy Romance:

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Himachal Pradesh, covered in snow, is a picture-perfect setting for your Valentine’s Day. Imagine snuggling by a warm fire in a cozy cottage in Shimla, walking through snow in Manali, and sharing hot chocolate as snowflakes fall around you. Himachal is where winter love stories come true.

Uttarakhand – Love is in the Hills:

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Uttarakhand, with its peaceful landscapes, invites you for a love-filled escape. Walk hand in hand through the pine-scented air of Nainital, enjoy a cable car ride in Auli with mountain views, and let the misty hills of Mussoorie be witnesses to your love story.

North East – Mystical Love Journey:

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North East India, with its magical charm, promises a different kind of Valentine’s experience. Imagine a romantic boat ride in Meghalaya, exploring tea gardens in Assam, and watching the sunrise in Nagaland. It’s like creating a love story wrapped in hills and mist.

This Valentine’s Day, let your love story be written in the beauty of these special places, making memories that will be cherished always. With Zenith Holidays, plan your Valentine’s getaway stress-free. Customize your tour and let Zenith Holidays send you to the best places to celebrate valentine’s day in india!

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