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After participating in a few high-altitude excursions in the Himalayas, most people begin to consider peak climbing. Lack of knowledge about what they can try prevents them from taking any action or, occasionally, leads them to take a risky (technically difficult) action for a beginner climber.

Since difficult peaks demand a considerable deal of patience, dedication, and mountaineering expertise, trekking peaks are an excellent place to begin your Himalayan climbing adventure. We explain one of the best and Highest treks in India in this article.

List of Highest Treks in India

1) Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri

It is the most popular trek peak in India, standing at 6153m in Ladakh’s Stok range. A quick approach to its base camp from a major town, Leh, makes it convenient for most trekkers from all over the world to attempt this peak in a short time. This is probably the easiest of the trekking peaks, considering that there are practically no objective dangers on the route. Acclimatization is the key to success on this mountain. The only downside on this mountain is that the base camp at 4975m is really far away from the summit, and hence the summit day ends up being a long and exhausting day. Most people start at base camp at midnight and return to camp only in the afternoon. The route involves crossing a glacier and then climbing the south face to get to the southwest ridge leading to the summit. Most years, the south face has enough snow until early August, after which the mountain can be climbed with regular trekking boots and without any mountaineering gear.

2) Kang Yatze 2 (KY2)

Kang Yatze

Is a prominent summit of the Markha Valley region in Ladakh. Kangyatse massif has four peaks, and only Kangyatse II is graded as a trekking peak. The route goes up the southwest face, and one has to negotiate a wide crevasse on the face of the mountain before attaining the west ridge.

3) Dzo Jongo

Dzo Jongo

Dzo Jongo, is a beautiful but one of the most popular treks in Markha Valley. A strong mountain rising to a height of 6280 meters. The peak is best climbed from its west face, requiring a fixed rope climb of between 200 and 300 meters. It is arguably the most technical trekking peak, along with the Friendship Peak, and comes highly recommended if you are searching for something strenuous.

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4) Friendship Peak

Friendship Peak

Friendship Trek, a well-known summit in the Solang Valley close to Beas Kund, is a fantastic one to try if you’re new to Himalayan climbing. People look around for higher treks because it is not as high as peaks in Ladakh and do not take it seriously. Of all the trekking peaks, this one is the most challenging trek, but it’s a good climb. This mountain requires navigating a glacier with huge crevasses, thus anyone attempting it alone should seek out a qualified guide. People find that it’s an excellent mountain to practice climbing techniques because of its lower elevation; they become tired of it slower than on other, larger mountains.

5) Mentok Kangri

Mentok Kangri

A minor mountain range to the west of Tso-Morori Lake is called the Mentok range. You receive a trekking permit for all three of the peaks that make up the Mentok group: Mentok I, Mentok II, and Mentok III. The fastest-climbed mountain in this area is Mentok Kangri II, a difficult 6,250-meter summit.

It is located on the Rupshu plateau, which is home to the well-known Changpa nomads. To account for the acclimatization period, it is recommended that one begin the trek from a location close to Tsokhar Lake, traverse a few high passes, and then attempt these mountains. It is also possible to drive right up to these mountains, from Leh to Korzok, which takes six hours. This method can be risky for those who fly to Leh and then arrive in Korzok in a few days without giving themselves adequate time to acclimate. However, it saves a great deal of time and money.

6) Shitidhar


At 5250 meters, Shitidhar is located in the Himachal Pradesh Solang Valley, quite near to Friendship Peak. The summit of this mountain provides incredible vistas of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges, with the panorama of the Beas Kund basin adding to the panorama’s splendor. The peak faces a number of other summits, including Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar Indra Asan, and Deo Tibba one of the highest treks in India.

Since the October 2013 rockfall catastrophe that claimed the lives of three climbers, people have been extremely cautious when ascending this peak.

7) Ladakhi


Standing at 5345 meters, another peak in the Solang Valley range with Shitidhar and Friendship is slightly higher than its neighbours but still provides breathtaking views of the surrounding high peaks and also known as one of the highest treks in India.

Now that you are aware of your options and have all the information you need to choose your peak, all you have to do is tell us when you are ready to join us.

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